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Wire and cable
As a profesional cable manufacturer ,AITE can manufacture a wide range of RG coaxial cables, we can meet all your data processing equipments needs.
Application : Land mobile and cellular radio. Earth station antenna jumper cables. Jumpers for equipments room and antenna connection. Military data links. VLF, AM and FM radio broadcast systems. Point to point terrestrial microwave. Buildings. Mines, subways and tunnels. Travelers information stations/highway advisory radio.
AITEs Lan cable provides good flexibility and superior shielding where noise rejection is critical.We can provideUTPCAT5E,FTPCAT5E,UTPCAT6,FTPCAT6, CAT3,etc. Our quality computer cable will fulfill all computer wire and industrial equipment needs.
Our alarm cable products and security cable products are suitable for smoke alarms, voice communication, and fire alarm systems. Our security cable and alarm cable can be used in a variety of security systems.
We can provide RG59+two power wire ,2RG6+2CAT5E ,4RG6 ,etc .
Trunk coaxial cables are connected to the optical node and form a coaxial backbone to which smaller distribution cables connect. A Trunk cable is a convenient and economical alternative to running multiple "jumpers" or individual cables.
AITE can supply CCA wire ,CCS wire ,Aluminum wire ,Aluminum Foil . CCA=Copper-clad aluminum , is a conductor composed of an inner aluminum core and outer copper cladding.HIWAY CCA Wire,with its quality high-intensity copper cladding,and aluminum core,combines the excellent conductivity of copper with the light weight of aluminum.the product is the choice material for inner conductor of coaxial cable and appliance cable.copper-wire processing craft can be adopted to produce cable products.
AITE can supply LMR 100,LMR195,LMR200,LMR240,LMR300,LMR400,LMR500,LMR600. Applications:Microwave communications,wireless communication systems and their equipment.
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