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HANGZHOU AITE CABLE CO., LTD. is a Chinese wire & cable manufacturer specializing in manufacturing Coaxial Cable, Lan Cable, Alarm Cable, Security Cable, Power Cable, Speaker cable, Audio Cable, CCTV Cable, Telephone Cable, and Cable Materials. 
Founded in 2006, our company has blossomed into one of the largest independent manufacturer and exporter in China. We have a study and design label,a professional team of engineers and skilled workers, also with the advanced machines and modern factories which can provide our customers with outstanding quality, service, and pricing. 
Quality Control 
HANGZHOU AITE CABLE CO., LTD. has developed a comprehensive quality assurance program and quality system. This program and system establishes controls throughout the entire manufacturing cycle -- from raw material purchasing and product manufacturing to end-item delivery. It also assures meeting quality objectives and minimizes the possibility of compromises which could affect product quality and reliability. The quality assurance program is complete and responsive to all requirements of ISO9001:2008.
Our Mission 
We are dedicated to providing our customers competitive price and excellent service. 
Our Values 
@ Customers: Our first priority is to increase our customers' competitiveness in their markets by offering outstanding service, best price and products. We maintain strong and long-term relationships with our customers and focus our work on their total satisfaction. 
@ Integrity: We set high personal standards for ourselves and expect the people with whom we conduct business to do the same. In our company, we keep our promise. 
@ Speed: We know customers have urgent needs. We are skilled at effective communication to interact with customers. In order to provide prompt service, emails and instant message are widely used.



Building and construction cables manufactured after 1st July 2017 are subject to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). CPR covers all construction products, including electrical cables, classifying them by their reaction to fire. Any products already on the market prior to this date can continue to be sold and supplied without reference to CPR.

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) - European Commission



Add:  No.556 Shangpan, Jinnan Subdistrict, Lin'an City, Hangzhou Zhejiang, China 


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