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Fire alarm cables

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Fire alarm cables

The superiority of fire cables

1. High temperature resistance and fire resistance: Because the main materials of flexible mineral insulated fire-proof cables are composed of mineral compounds, it will not cause fire in itself, and it is impossible to burn or facilitate combustion. The mica belt generally has a high melting point of more than 1500℃, so the fire cable can play a normal transmission function even under the fire conditions, which is a real sense of fire cable.

2. Irradiation resistance and aging resistance: mineral insulation flexible fire cable using inorganic mineral insulation material as insulation, the material will not aging or deterioration, insulation characteristics will not change; while the cable out jacket is of copper rolling form, with good sealing, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion.

3. Green environmental protection characteristics: the cable structure materials are inorganic mineral materials, cables will not release toxic gas in the burning flame; abandoned cables can be recycled, will not pollute the natural environment .


●Fire detection and alarm system

●Signal sensing sensor system

●Air supply and exhaust fan system

●Communication messaging system

●Equipment control system

●Cables for fire water pumps and fire alarm system circuits

What is the PH120 fire alarm cable?

The PH120 is a cable for indoor fire alarm devices where circuits must be maintained for up to 120 minutes. Made of high-performance silicone rubber and excellent low-smoke zero-halogen material.

What is the PH30 fire alarm cable?

The PH30 is a cable for indoor fire alarm devices that must be maintained for up to 30 minutes. Made of high-performance silicone rubber and excellent low-smoke zero-halogen material.

Features of the product

Pass the BS6387 CWZ standard certification test, fire resistance, physical vibration and waterproof performance of the cable

The cable maintains line integrity for 180 minutes in case of fire

The cable meets the BS EN50200-2015 standard and refractory time meets PH30, PH60, and PH120 requirements.

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