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When you need to connect different devices in the computer network, the LAN cable is an essential part of. However, because there are many types and specifications on the market to choose from, choosing the right cable may become very complicated. LAN Cable This article will introduce how to choose



How to choose the best lan cable manufacturer in China?

LAN Cable, also known as network cable or Ethernet cable, is a cable used to connect computer network devices. With the rise of cloud computing, Internet of Things and 5G technologies, the LAN Cable market has entered a new stage of development.



Comparing Different Types of Lan Cable: CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7

As a professional CAT5, 6, 7 Lan Cable manufacturer in China, AITE Cable will introduce the differences and features between CAT5, 6, 7 Lan Cable and help you choose the right CAT Lan Cable.



Here's what you need to know about LAN Cable

What is LAN Cable?A LAN cable is a cable used to connect local area network (Local Area Network, LAN for short) devices. It consists of one or more insulated wires, each of which receives a signal, and thus constitutes a specific cable structure. Lan Cable The structure of LAN CableLAN cable consist



What is the difference between CAT5 ,CAT5E and CAT6

What is the difference between CAT5 ,CAT5E and CAT6 CAT5e Comparing to CAT5, CAT5e cable has lower attenuation, less crosstalk, and higher attenuation to crosstalk ratio(ACR) and signal to noise ratio(SNR), smaller delay difference, the performance is greatly improved. CAT5e is mainly used in 1000Ba



Fire alarm cables

Fire alarm cables The superiority of fire cables 1. High temperature resistance and fire resistance: Because the main materials of flexible mineral insulated fire-proof cables are composed of mineral compounds, it will not cause fire in itself, and it is impossible to burn or facilitate combustion.



Standards for the use of N-type connectors in countries all over the world (Part 1)

Standards for the use of N-type connectors in countries all over the world (Part 1)In the International Standard Classification, n-type connectors involve parts and accessories for telecommunications equipment, electrical equipment for special working conditions, electrical equipment and systems for

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