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How to choose the right type of LAN cable?

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When you need to connect different devices in the computer network, the LAN cable is an essential part of. However, because there are many types and specifications on the market to choose from, choosing the right cable may become very complicated.


LAN Cable (2)

LAN Cable


This article will introduce how to choose the correct LAN cable to meet your specific network needs and application scenarios. Whether you are building a new network or upgrading the existing network, this article can provide you with practical suggestions and guidance.


Types of Lan Cable

UTP cable: UTP is the abbreviation of "Unshielded Twisted Pair", that is, no shielding twisted wire. This cable is the most common LAN cable type. It consists of 4 pairs of twisted wires, and each pair of twisted lines are wrapped in the same protective kit. The UTP cable is most commonly used for 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet, which can transmit high-speed data and is very easy to install and maintain.


UTP Cable

UTP Cable


FTP cable: FTP is an abbreviation of "Shielded Twisted Pair", that is, shielding the twisted wire. Unlike the UTP cable, the FTP cable has a metal shielding layer around each pair of twisted lines, usually aluminum foil or tin -plated copper wire woven shielding. This design can provide better signal isolation and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI) and RF interference (RFI), which is suitable for high -speed data transmission in noise environment.


FTP Cable

FTP Cable


SFTP cable: SFTP is an abbreviation of "Screened Foiled Twisted Pair", that is, blocking composite twisted wiring. The SFTP cable combines the advantages of FTP and STP because it has aluminum foil and woven shielding layers to provide the largest EMI and RFI suppression. SFTP cables are most commonly used in high -speed data transmission and large enterprises.


SFTP Cable

SFTP Cable


Double jacket cable: Double Jacket cable consists of two layers of protective sleeves inner and outer. The inner layer is usually PVC or LDPE material, and the outer layer is polyurethane or TPU material. Such cables are suitable for outdoor environment and harsh climate conditions because it can provide better protection and durability.


Double Jacket Cable

Double Jacket Cable


The difference between CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT7 cables

CAT5E cables have advantages in terms of cost, but with the emergence of higher bandwidth and larger data transmission demand, CAT6 and CAT7 cables gradually become more popular choices. The CAT6 cable provides good anti -interference performance and higher frequency range, while the CAT7 cable further enhances anti -interference performance and provides a wider frequency range of more than 250 MHz.


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How to choose a LAN cable that is suitable for your network needs?

It is very important to choose a LAN cable suitable for your network needs, because different types of cables have different characteristics, performance and cost. Here are some key elements to choose the right LAN cable:


Bandwidth requirements: Bandwidth is the volume of data transmission rates, that is, the amount of data that can be transmitted during the unit time. If you need to transmit a lot of data at high speed, you need to choose cables with high bandwidth, such as CAT6 or CAT7.


Transmission distance: Different types of cables have different maximum transmission distances, depending on the degree of signal attenuation in the cable. If you need to connect a network within a long distance, you need to choose a cable with a long transmission distance.


Anti -interference performance: Anti -interference performance refers to the ability to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and RF interference (RFI) during transmission. If there are a large number of electromagnetic radiation sources or other interference sources in your network environment, you need to choose cables with good anti -interference performance, such as FTP or SFTP cables.


Cost: Different types of cable prices are different, so you need to consider the balance between your budget and network demand. If you only need a basic network connection, it is enough to choose a lower cost of UTP cable.


To sum up, the LAN cable that is suitable for your network needs needs to consider multiple factors. Before making decisions, it is best to evaluate your inherent network needs and environment, and choose the most suitable cable based on this information.



Choosing the correct LAN cable is critical to the speed and reliability of your network connection. Different types of cables have different characteristics and performance. Therefore, when choosing cables that are suitable for your needs, you need to consider multiple factors such as bandwidth, transmission distance, anti -interference performance and cost.


AITE LAN Cable Manufacturer

AITE LAN Cable Manufacturer


When you need to build or upgrade the network, choosing the right LAN cable will provide you with better network performance and higher work efficiency. I hope that the guidance of this article can help you choose the LAN cable that is most suitable for your needs to meet your network connection needs. If you need more help, you can also contact us. Our professional team is looking forward to solving any questions about LAN Cable for you.

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