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SMA Series Connector

Length:100m,250m, 305m,500m,1000m,500ft,1000ft
Packing:roll, plastic reel ,carton reel ,wooden spool, carton, pallet
Delivery time:Normally 20 working days
Port of Loading:NINGBO, SHANGHAI
Term of payment:T/T, L/C, D/P at sight
Certificates:CPR, CE, RoHS,ISO9001,REACH
  • SMA Series


Series of SMA cable connector  product one application exetensive smail-scale coaxial person who join that whorl has a relisble characteristic with long life-span that the width performance are excellent are excellent high frequenly suitable for the microwave equipment and body of the digital communication system and join the body in the cable or the micor-strip line frequently in the loop freqyently.


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